Case Khor

Yo secure $1.2 million in funding

Jordan Crook offers his 2¢ on Yo:

I’m going to go ahead and place my bets early […] and say that Yo will have dropped out of our collective consciousness by next year. But that’s not to say we should write it off as a silly gimmick.

The brief popularity of Yo is a signal of a larger trend. Software developers are today tasked with a bigger problem than convenience or accessibility or distribution. The line between our physical lives and the lives we lead in our minds, with our thumbs, on a touchscreen, is rapidly fading. Yo may be just a touch too basic (bitch) to last for the long haul, or perhaps Yo is the beginning of a new era in push notifications. But apps that integrate pieces of our real-world lives are just settling in for a long stay.

The API possibilities intrigue me but I can see this rapidly becoming really annoying. I too am betting on it fading away.

Edit: Well that escalated (unsurprisingly) quickly.