Case Khor

The Creator Of Doom Is Now A Facebook Employee

Facebook just announced its plan to buy Oculus VR for around $2 billion in cash and stock. The company will operate independently within Facebook with a focus on gaming. Facebook communications confirmed to TechCrunch that everyone stays the same at Oculus and John Carmack will remain Oculus’ CTO.

Why might Facebook be interested in the future of virtual reality? Here’s a little something Carmack wrote 14 years ago on Slashdot:

Making Snow Crash into a reality feels like a sort of moral imperative to a lot of programmers, but the efforts that have been made so far leave a lot to be desired. It is almost painful for me to watch some of the VRML initiatives. It just seems so obviously the wrong way to do something. All of this debating, committee forming, and spec writing, and in the end, there isn't anything to show for it. Make something really cool first, and worry about the spec after you are sure it's worth it!

Bring on the Metaverse, with Carmack in tow we might actually see a Second Life that does’t suck. Or maybe not. In the short-term, I hope the acquisition does’t derail any of Occulus’ efforts with regard to virtual reality beyond social-networking.