Case Khor

Just pre-ordered the Lumo Lift

Having been trying to correct my posture since forever without much luck, I decided to go ahead and fork out cash for one of the last Lumo Lifts available for pre-order. Although I’m not entirely convinced about the device, I figured it was worth a shot. Not big on the idea of something tugging down on my t-shirt but I guess I’ll have to wait and see how light the device is.

I’ve been pretty happy with simply using Pedometer++ with my iPhone 5S to encourage me to walk more, so I imagine I’ll be using the Lumo Lift solely to get me to stand/sit straight. One thing that’s bugging me is the supplied charger: really hoping for a USB plug as opposed to yet another wall mounted plug I have to carry around.

Update: Lift comes with a docking station that plugs into a USB port.