Case Khor

iCloud blues please don’t kill my vibe

While users have been getting pretty worked up over iCloud from day one, the service has worked rather painlessly for me: apart from the usual teething issues of getting a service like this up running from day one, I thought Apple had done an ok job.

Early this year I started getting an error with Clear on both my iMac and my iPhone:

iCloud Refresh Failed: Clear could not refresh your lists due to missing data in iCloud. If the issue persists, please contact support.

I put the blame on Clear, and contacted the Real Mac Software team. I re-synced Clear’s documents in my iCloud account, and all was well, until it happened again. This time I just gave up on Clear.

Fast forward to today when I saved a couple of documents in iA Writer, booted up my Mac Book Pro hoping to to see the documents pop up there. They didn’t. Opened iA Writer on my iPhone and they were’t there either. I created a test document on my iPhone and it showed up immediately on my Mac Book Pro, but never on my iMac. I realised iCloud syncing on my iMac was borked. As far as I know, turning iCloud off and on and re-syncing all the iCloud data is the only solution available to me, and I will more than likely lose any data from my iMac that hasn't been successfully synced to iCloud. There’s no force to fetch new data functionality or anything similar.

Like most Apple products, iCloud is a breeze when it works well, and becomes impossible when it doesn’t.

Update: Signed in and out of iCloud and now the iMac appears to be in sync. Clear is still not happy though and I will likely need to go through the process of resetting each device so the apps are happy that the data is identical across all devices as well as in iCloud.