Case Khor

How True Detective will end.

Andrew Romano in his roundup of episode 7 “After You’ve gone”:

So far a lot of the geekier discussions about True Detective have revolved around the show’s more “supernatural” elements. Robert Chambers’ 1895 horror classic The King in Yellow. The word “Carcosa,” which Chambers borrowed from Ambrose Bierce, and which later showed up in the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The spiral symbol on Dora Lange’s back. The flock of birds that formed into the same spiral in an early episode. Cohle’s synesthesia. Reddit boards are full of readings that would impress Talmudic scholars, or perhaps CIA cryptographers, with their ontological complexity: what this represents, what that means, and how it’s all leading up to some sort of otherworldly finale.

I don’t buy it. Why? Because that’s not what Pizzolatto is up to—according to Pizzolatto himself.

I understand why the Boing Boing and io9 crowd frothed over the supernatural angle, but it reminds me of fans of the Matrix getting all excited back in the 90s. The Matrix trilogy ultimately couldn’t live up to all the fan hype and theories, and Nic Pizzolatto has personally shot down any speculation of the plot diving further into the occult, but here’s hoping to hell that True Detective does’t fall on it’s face in next week’s season finale.