Case Khor

Hover being a tiny bit naugthy?

Decided to go ahead and register and went to my favourite domain domain registrar to make it so. Joy, .io top-level domains are on sale!

What customers might not pick up on is that the annual fee for .ios domains are significantly higher than the average .com domains. They also don't allow you to pay for more than a year at the discounted price. Fair enough, I'm happy to save $50 off my first year, but I’m wondering how many people will suffer from bill shock in 12 months time.

To their credit, Hover does outline the sale alongside the regular prices on their blog. I did however, have to go poking it for that info.

Side note: .io TLDs don’t support whois privacy, which makes me a little sad/afraid. Not sure if this is a Hover specific thing or whether it applies to .io in general.

Update: Hover’s canned reply: “We include WHOIS Privacy on all TLDs that support it.”