Case Khor

Five things I miss about Sydney

Cold tap water

Run the tap for a short while in Sydney and I’m greeted with clean refreshing tap water at just the temperature I like it. The NEWater in Singapore is tepid at best. I’m going to really miss taking proper cold showers.

Decent/excellent food

Everything from world class fine-dining to proper authentic South-East Asian fare, all without even leaving the city center.


Mild, mostly sunny, with a chance of beach friendly weather in the middle of “winter”.


I’m not much of an outdoors person, much less a beach person, but I do partake in a bit of sun now and then. The beaches peppered around the city are brilliant, and the ones up and down the coast are pretty damn spectacular, giving me absolutely no reason to visit anything less during my travels.


Contrary to popular belief, soft drinks (and products from global brands in general) taste different around the world. Coca-Cola is franchised and although the concentrate is the same, each bottling company adds their own water and sweeteners that result in variations. I find the beverage in Australia to be crisper with a citrus note, while the cans and bottles in Singapore are too sticky sweet for my liking.