Case Khor please don’t kill my vibe.

My partner made the move to London in September last year, and so far we’ve weathered the whole long-distance thing pretty well. It’s a move that she’s been planning for a long time, before we met, and I’d never consider being the one to keep her from going. In fact I actively encouraged her: I learnt so much simply from moving to Australia from Singapore solo in 2000.

The 11 hour time difference is pretty brutal, but a few ground rules and a couple of hacks have kept us sane. Couple, an “app for two” has played a part in that: it’s been nice to have a priority inbox of sorts, the recently introduced web app is great and thumb kiss is actually pretty cute although the novelty kind wore off after the initial separation anxiety faded.

Right off the bat, Couple felt slightly bloated. The app tries to be a complete “virtual relationship management’ solution for couples, complete with todo lists and date scheduling. Thanks to the iOS app’s streamlined and inoffensive interface this is fine, and the bloat never bothers me. But those sticker packs they try to get you to buy every time you accidentally tap the sticker key on the virtual keyboard, boy are they hideous. A recent update brings … more glorious stickers! And adds a notification in the burger menu that I can’t get rid of until I view every single free sticker. Awesome, thanks TenthBit!

Which brings to mind Jim Goetz’s post on the Sequoia Capital tumblr:

Jan keeps a note from Brian taped to his desk that reads “No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!” It serves as a daily reminder of their commitment to stay focused on building a pure messaging experience.

TenthBit maybe cut the crap and consider charging us for the service instead? Or at least give us a way to opt out …