Case Khor

Cold showers and being uncomfortable

More of that life hacking motivational stuff, but this snippet from Joel Runyon's TEDxLUC talk is food for thought:

If you’re not willing or able to be the type of person, that is willing to be uncomfortable for 5 mins alone in the shower, where the only negative outcome is you being cold for 5 mins, and the only person affected by that decision is you, then how will you ever have the strength or the courage to choose to be uncomfortable in a situation where the outcomes are much much greater, and the people affected by your decision far outnumber just yourself.

I’m well familiar with the health the benefits of taking a cold shower (strengthened immune system, fat loss, increased energy levels, etc), but I got lazy and stopped subjecting myself to them. It’s time to get back into it. Part of my decision to pack up and leave Sydney was that I was getting way too comfortable here – seeing as my first stop is Singapore, where the tap water temperature is way too tepid to count as a cold shower, I think I’m due for some cold water therapy over the next couple of months before I leave.