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Patchwork Hotel by Till Rabus

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Found In Caspere's Home, True Detective Season Two.

Supercut of Autobot and Decepticon battles from the first three of Michael Bay's Transformers films

Been waiting for someone to do this since forever so I wouldn't have to sit through all that crap. And there's a shitload of crap to sit through: the trilogy contain less than 5% of giant robot-on-robot action.

Stray Fucking Bullets


David Lapham’s Stray Bullets returns after a nearly decade long hiatus through Image Comics with Issue #41 finally completing the “Hijinks And Derring-Do” story arc and Stray Bullets: Killers #1 kicking off a new series. The Uber Alles Edition TP collects all 41 issues as 1200 pages of hardboiled pulpy goodness.

AV Club has a great writeup and the first four issues are available for free on Comixology.

The moments of violence may be life-altering (or life-ending) for the characters Lapham spotlights, but after they occur, the world keeps on spinning just like it always does. And that violence isn’t rare. It’s a part of the natural rhythm of life, and every person is a target vulnerable to a stray bullet.

I picked up this series as a teen, never get tired of re-reading it, and I’m pretty excited to do it all over again. Pretty pleased with Image’s digital comics policy.

We keep the other bad men from the door


Cute little graphic tribute to True Detective by Nigel Evan Dennis provides a visual overview and some insight into the series. I dug the aerial view of the path that Rust & Ginger took through the Hoston Projects to get to Marty during the 6-minute single shot sequence at the end of episode 4.

Just under 4 days before the season finale.

How True Detective will end.

Andrew Romano in his roundup of episode 7 “After You’ve gone”:

So far a lot of the geekier discussions about True Detective have revolved around the show’s more “supernatural” elements. Robert Chambers’ 1895 horror classic The King in Yellow. The word “Carcosa,” which Chambers borrowed from Ambrose Bierce, and which later showed up in the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The spiral symbol on Dora Lange’s back. The flock of birds that formed into the same spiral in an early episode. Cohle’s synesthesia. Reddit boards are full of readings that would impress Talmudic scholars, or perhaps CIA cryptographers, with their ontological complexity: what this represents, what that means, and how it’s all leading up to some sort of otherworldly finale.

I don’t buy it. Why? Because that’s not what Pizzolatto is up to—according to Pizzolatto himself.

I understand why the Boing Boing and io9 crowd frothed over the supernatural angle, but it reminds me of fans of the Matrix getting all excited back in the 90s. The Matrix trilogy ultimately couldn’t live up to all the fan hype and theories, and Nic Pizzolatto has personally shot down any speculation of the plot diving further into the occult, but here’s hoping to hell that True Detective does’t fall on it’s face in next week’s season finale.