Case Khor

How Mice Turned Their Private Paradise Into A Terrifying Dystopia

In 1972, animal behaviorist John Calhoun built a mouse paradise with beautiful buildings and limitless food. He introduced eight mice to the population. Two years later, the mice had created their own apocalypse.

The few secluded spaces housed a population Calhoun called, “the beautiful ones.” Generally guarded by one male, the females — and few males — inside the space didn't breed or fight or do anything but eat and groom and sleep. When the population started declining the beautiful ones were spared from violence and death, but had completely lost touch with social behaviours, including having sex or caring for their young.

Field Day London 2014


Caught Jamie XX and Jon Hopkins at Field Day in London, had a blast. Getting to, from and in wasn’t a mission, crowds were pleasent, queues for booze were short and porta loos plentiful and maintained throughout the day. Maybe I don’t hate festivals after all, just Australian festivals.

C’mon Case, look at the camera.


Headed out 3 hours south of Sydney to Jervis Bay for a little getaway over the Mardi Gras parade weekend. Weather was brilliant on the Sunday, tasty eats were conjured up in the kitchen, and chilled out drinks were served throughout the evenings. We saw dolphins frolicking near the shore, conspired to hijack a catamaran, lamented having to return to civilisation, and I got sunburnt.

The phone line at the Airbnb pad we shacked up at wasn’t playing along, and as a result it was nice to have some down time away from the internets. Fortunately a couple of us were signed up to Telstra mobile and had pretty decent reception: hotspots were set up and we were able to get back to our iPhones and MacBooks and ignore each other as per usual get some hot-desking / study group action happening.

Photo taken by Anna Yamaji features my first/last trip to the beach this summer. I got my feet wet, stared at the seaweed drifting out with the tide, and wondered whether I’d miss beach life at all once I’ve left Sydney. (Short answer: no)