Case Khor

I’m a creative by title, with a serious developer bent: a jack of all trades, master of a few, fortunate enough to be able to take an idea from concept to execution, to both push the boundaries as well as understand the limitations of the medium. In a past life that allowed me to understand what a client really wanted, evaluate what their users really needed, and be able to work intimately with developers to execute the solution, getting my hands dirty where necessary. And right now it allows me to design in code and rapid-prototype.

Agency life burnt me out. Working as a creative in a digital marketing agency, and then on to full-service advertising agencies, I found myself increasingly on death march, executing someone else’s vision, working on campaigns that were destined to fail. That’s not to say I have any regrets: agency life gave me valuable insight into what to do and what not to do. Process, coping and deadlines. How to play well with others, how to be part of a machine, and how to run one. The experience was an invaluable albeit unfulfilling one.

I’d done my time, I’d had enough, if I was going to keep doing this I would do it on my own terms. After an 8 year stint working agency side, I founded Hello Moss in 2013, a bootstrapped studio focused on crafting quality web and mobile applications for people and businesses.